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About Us

We have been active in the European and Asian procurement market since 2010, and have developed close relationships with many trusted product  and service providers. We continue to search and establish relationships with other dependable manufacturers and distributors in the region. Our client base continues to demand low-cost solutions for their materials, products and services needs. The Asian market continues to be the logical, cost-effective source and Easter Europe as a service or sub-contractor provider.
In the last few years, we have taken a new strategic direction in sourcing. We have expanded our procurement activities, from products and materials, to a broad range of services that offer cost savings within the European Union and beyond. We have established close commercial relationships with reliable, low-cost Eastern European steel fabricators, construction companies, turn-key infrastructure contractors, assemblers, power station builders, construction personnel agents, and a variety of other industrial and commercial infrastructure providers.
This has greatly expanded our ability to serve our clients in the EU. The response from our numerous, satisfied clients has been impressive. We will continue to enhance the sourcing of these type of services, using the feedback from our existing clients.

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